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Hello and welcome to our website!

Take a look at our incredible puppies! We specialize in raising happy, healthy, well-socialized puppies! Please take a look and let us know if you find a puppy you are interested in.  If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call and see if we can help you.
The Buying Process

Once you find your perfect puppy and decide you can't live without him/her, please  fill out a puppy application on this website!
We will then contact you via email, text or phone.  If you do not want to wait, give us a call!  417-825-9302.

You will be talking to Kenya, the website guru, she can help arrange everything and make your puppy-buying experience a great one!  She can also direct you to the appropriate breeder for more specific questions about a puppy.  Please understand that each professional breeder specializes in his/her breed.  They have mom, dad and puppies at their personal residence.

A deposit reserves the puppy, all payments are made through this website on the payment page via the secure Paypal website, where you can pay with paypal, credit, or debit card.

After we receive a deposit, the puppy will be marked sold and taken off all other websites.  For this reason, all deposits are 

At this time, we will book flights/discuss pick up, get health certificates, and begin all of our paperwork. This is another reason, all deposits are non-refundable.

After this point you may not hear from us again until we have your flight information, but if you have any questions or concerns,
 feel free to contact us!

Flight information will be sent to you 5-7 days before your puppy is to leave.  We do not have any information before this time frame, as the airlines do not confirm puppy flights until 5-7 days before the flight.  If you have not heard from us by this time, please contact us to discuss your puppy's flight. 

We will try and update your puppy's pictures every 2 weeks, so keep an eye on the website.

Pleaseread through the rest of this website for information about shipping, payments, bringing puppy home, etc.  
It has lots of terrific information for a new puppy owner!