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Gene & Linda Banwart
Gene and Linda have been raising puppies for 10 years.  They have 5 grown children and many grandkids, one of whom lives near and likes to help take care of the dogs and love on the puppies.  They enjoy gardening, landscaping, spending time with their friends, family and dogs, and are very involved in their church and associated activities.  
Gene and Linda are State and USDA-licensed and are inspected annually by their veterinarian, Dr. Neil Willard, DVM, and the American Kennel Club. 
Labrador Retrieivers - Raised by Kyran, a high school student, who loves to duck hunt, hunt, fish, play football, enjoys archery and working on old cars and trucks.  He takes great pride in raising a couple of litters of labs each year.  All puppies are current on vaccinations and vet visits.
Shih Tzus - Linda Frieden has 2 house dogs and enjoys having a litter every once in a while.  Abee, the Shih Tzu mom is a great mom and loves her babies.  All puppies are vet-checked and current on vaccinations and dewormings.